Learn About Our Allergen Immunotherapy Prescription Service

Treatment Sets Supplied According to Your Prescription

Prescription Service is available to those practices that prefer not to mix their own treatment sets. Each prescription is made to exact specifications in our sterile products facility and undergoes the same rigorous sterility testing as all other extracts. Please allow 3-4 weeks for completion of your order due to the FDA mandated 14-day sterility testing protocol. A signed prescription from a physician is required to have your order filled and shipped. Our prescription department will manufacture a 4 vial set of graduated dilutions in 5 mL vials as prescribed, with a maximum of 12 antigens. We can also accommodate special requests. Maintenance refills are supplied in 5 mL or 10 mL sizes. Technical assistance is available through our Customer Service Department and staff pharmacist.

3 Good Reasons To Order Your Prescriptions From Allergy Labs

1. Safety, Sterility & Accuracy

  • Experienced, highly trained Technicians wear dedicated scrubs, plant shoes, shoe covers, bouffant cap, sterile gloves, sterile face mask and clean frock.
  • Rigorous performance certification required for all Technicians.
  • Aseptic manufacturing facility with HEPA filtered air and Laminar Flow individual workstations.
  • Quality Assurance continuously monitor systems and activities, and test every vial for sterility.

2.  Economy & Efficiency

  • Frees you and other staff members for other important activities.
  • Saves valuable storage space and eliminates the need to maintain costly extract inventories.
  • Reduces tedious record keeping. We provide mixture and dilution reports, computerized refill tracking and personalized packaging & labeling.

3.  Simplified Order Procedure

  • FAX form makes order placements fast and efficient.
  • Orders acknowledged shortly after receipt and shipped to your office in approximately 21 to 28 days.