Frequently Asked Questions

The physician will specify the duration. History has shown that 3 years is average. However, each patient is different and no definitive period has been established. Refills may be requested by phone or fax.

Physicians use a number of diagnostic methods to determine if a patients’ symptoms are caused by allergy. Common methods are patient history and skin testing or In-Vitro testing (usually a RAST test). Patient prescriptions can be formulated from any of these allergy testing methods.

Although the extracts and treatment sets we produce are very stable, it is recommended that they be stored in a refrigerator.

Each patient’s treatment set will require 21-28 days. This includes the FDA mandated 14 day sterility testing period.

The maximum is 12 per set. It is not uncommon for very allergic patients to have two treatment sets.

The physician will specify the schedule. We have a suggested dosage schedule in our package insert which outlines a typical injection schedule.

A treatment set is a custom compounded set of vials prepared specifically for one patient. They are filled with the proportions of allergens as prescribed by the physician. Typically they consist of 4 color coded vials of increasing concentrations and are subcutaneously injected over a 25 week period.

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